SaaS-Based Performance Monitoring Portal for Your Carrier Ethernet Networks

VisionMETRIX is a Saas-based performance monitoring and reporting solution that lets you monitor your Carrier Ethernet-based mobile backhaul and business service circuit performance and report on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with pinpoint accuracy, ease, and at minimal cost. An easy to access and navigate web portal, VisionMETRIX provides you with accurate performance data on network health, and proof that you're meeting your SLAs.


VisionMETRIX gathers data from Accedian's High Performance Service Assurance™ platform, and provides end-to-end visibility and monitoring of sophisticated network performance measurement in real-time. The system tracks over 100 unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and network performance data is automatically summarized via actionable and concise dashboards.


With VisionMETRIX, you can now focus on areas of the network that need your attention—such as potential service affecting issues—well before they impact your customers.

Offered as a SaaS, pay-as-you-grow service, you can be up and running with VisionMETRIX within days, and you only pay for the number of circuits you want monitored! You also eliminate up-front investments associated with on premise solutions that require expensive servers, database licenses and dedicated IT support.

VisionMETRIX is part of the Accedian Vision network management product suite that also includes the VisionEMS element management system and VisionFLOW service activation system.


  • SaaS pay-as-you-grow model
  • Powerful and customizable web profile builder (create views for Operations and End Customers)
  • Private branding of portal
  • Over 100 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • High resolution graphing with 1 second granularity
  • SLA template creation with Benchmark, Application and SLA thresholds
  • Customizable performance and SLA reporting
  • Y.1731, Ethernet OAM, MEF, Accedian PAA™ support
  • Custom service and event definitions with notifications
  • SLAs and Historical trends analysis
  • Fast detection and resolution of potential service affecting issues
One-Way Near End and Far End
  • Jitter (Min, Max, Avg)
  • Latency (Min, Max, Avg)
Two Way Near End and Far End
  • Jitter (Min, Max, Avg)
  • Latency (Min, Max, Avg)
One-Way, Two Way Thresholds
  • SLA Latency (Avg,Max)
  • SLA Jitter (Avg,Max)
  • Application Latency (Avg,Max)
  • Application Jitter (Avg,Max)
  • Baseline Latency (Avg,Max)
  • Baseline Jitter (Avg,Max)
  • Near and Far end packet loss percentage
Input Statistics – Near and Far End
  • Accepted Packets
  • Accepted Bytes
  • Accepted Rate (Min/Avg/Max)
  • Dropped Packets
  • Dropped Bytes
  • Dropped Rate (Min/Avg/Max)
Output Statistics – Near and Far End
  • Accepted Packets
  • Accepted Bytes
  • Accepted Rate (Min/Avg/Max)
  • Dropped Packets
  • Dropped Bytes
  • Dropped Rate (Min/Avg/Max)
Computed Statistics
  • Frame Loss Ratio percent
  • EVC percent
Fully Customizable SaaS Solution

The VisionMETRIX portal offers fully customizable SLA definition, customer profiles and reports. The portal can be branded to your specific environment by customizing screens and reports for end customers, Network Operators or Management. Create templates for standard service offerings, or create custom services per customer or individual service.
In addition, you can also private brand VisionMETRIX for your customers with their unique logos, look-and-feel, and introduction message.

Comprehensive Performance and SLA Reporting

VisionMETRIX has extensive reporting capabilities to meet varying user requirements. Performance and SLA reporting can be tailored by service, domain, customer, etc., and you can easily generate reports based on selected KPIs and timeframes. Plus, all reports can be exported for use by other systems. Reports can be manually or automatically generated and sent to multiple recipients, and can be tailored to show your customers only the data you want them to see.

Multi-Level Performance Metrics

VisionMETRIX enables you to monitor, analyze and assure SLAs at various levels, including Network, Service and Application. The solution also automatically calculates a Benchmark Performance Analytic for all new circuits, enabling you to detect any slow service degradation. All data is retained within VisionMETRIX over time, enabling visibility into historical performance analytics.

Proactive Event Management

VisionMETRIX provides you with quick visibility of network and service events such as SLA threshold crossings. Events are displayed on the Portal and can be acknowledged by Network Operators. These events can also be forwarded to personnel based on event type and severity.

100+ Key Performance Indicators

VisionMETRIX supports a comprehensive list of KPIs including availability, multiple delay, frame variation and loss measurements. You can select from over 100 KPIs for user-defined screen profiles to analyze circuit performance.


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