Vision Suite

Accedian Networks Vision Suite Overview

As Carrier Ethernet continues to grow, network operators are increasing their footprint to reach new customers, open up new markets, and increase their revenue stream. As networks expand, their management becomes increasingly complex; reducing operational expenses and increasing productivity become key strategies to maximize shareholder value.

The Vision Suite contains three (3) components


Accedian Networks’ Vision EMS™ is a centralized management platform for Accedian Networks’ MetroNID® and MetroNODE 10GE™ performance assurance solutions. From this application, multiple concurrent users can view and manage Accedian Networks devices, greatly simplifying the tasks of network operators. From initial install through unit lifecycle administration and maintenance, Vision EMS simplifies, secures and accelerates Ethernet service validation, performance monitoring and network management.

Vision SP accelerates service turn-up by simplifying ITU-T Y.1564 testing and enables network operators to configure tests that encompass multiple test flows that can be run simultaneously, thereby drastically reducing the time required for validating new services and reducing turn-up costs. Vision SP is fully integrated with its Vision EMS™ tool set – a centralized management platform for Accedian Networks’ MetroNID® and MetroNODE10GE™ performance assurance solutions.

VisionMETRIX is a Saas-based performance monitoring and reporting solution that lets you monitor your Carrier Ethernet-based mobile backhaul and business service circuit performance and report on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with pinpoint accuracy, ease, and at minimal cost. An easy to access and navigate web portal, VisionMETRIX provides you with accurate performance data on network health, and proof that you're meeting your SLAs.

VisionMETRIX gathers data from Accedian's High Performance Service Assurance™ platform, and provides end-to-end visibility and monitoring of sophisticated network performance measurement in real-time. The system tracks over 100 unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and network performance data is automatically summarized via actionable and concise dashboards.