V-NID Suite Overview

Standards-Based, One-Way and Two-Way Network Performance Assurance & SLA Monitoring

Accedian Networks has leveraged its industry-leading Layer-3 TWAMP and Layer-2 ETH-OAM based performance assurance technology to introduce the V-NID™ product suite. By using and extending the existing standards for perfor­mance assurance, V-NID™ offers a unique solution to provide detailed one-way network KPI’s and SLA monitoring without the need for external synchronization.

End-to-end SLA Monitoring
Verify, Validate, Visualize

The V-NID performance assurance suite provides a comprehensive solution for verifying networks on a granular and continuous basis, and validating SLA conformance. By utilizing standard reflectors such as ETH-OAM or TWAMP integrated into the network components in combination with Accedian's patented measurement technique the V-NID product suite enables one-way monitoring of network performance with high accuracy, without the need for hardware test points at each end of connection.

Optionally, endpoints equipped with the V-NID Standards+ software reflector offers you an even larger set of high accuracy one-way metrics as well as the option to disguise your measurements to look like any other end-user frame on the network such as VoIP flows, SCTP signals or HTTP streams.

End-to-end SLA Monitoring

  • Standards-based one-way network performance assurance solution using ETH-OAM, TWAMP and Accedian Standards+
  • Standards+ supports extended measurement types for even greater performance visibility
  • Patented, high-accuracy one-way delay measurement technique without need for synchronized hardware test points at each end of connection
  • Centralized or distributed measurement injection using the V-NID Actuator
  • Centralized provisioning, management, mediation and reporting via the V-NID Manager
  • IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack for both management and RFC5357 TWAMP measurement
  • IP, Ethernet and OAM end-user experience metrics summarized and displayed via VisionMETRIX™ performance monitoring dashboard
  • V-NID Actuator - the active performance measurement component in the V-NID performance management architecture.
  • Performance Monitoring (PM) Reflector - An Accedian or 3rd party, standards based responder of measurement frames sent from a V-NID ACTUATOR
  • V-NID Manager - the main controller unit in the V-NID application performance and SLA monitoring suite.
  • VisionMETRIX - Accedian's performance visualization portal delivering actionable and concise dashboards of network performance.
V-NID Actuator
  • TWAMP Sessions - Support for Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) sessions as specified in RFC-5357.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack for both management and TWAMP measurements
  • Ethernet OAM Sessions - Support for ITU-T Y.1731 (and IEEE 802.1ag) sessions. Ethernet Loopback (ETH-LB), Two-way Frame Delay Measurement (ETH-DM) and Vendor Specific OAM PDU (ETH-VSP) implementing a layer-2 version of 2xOneWay.
Performance Monitoring (PM) Reflector
  • ICMP and UDP echo
  • TWAMP TWO-WAY Active Measurement Protocol as specified in RFC-5357
  • Ethernet OAM as specified in ITU-T Y.1731 and IEEE 802.1ag
V-NID Manager
  • Centralized provisioning, management, mediation and reporting
  • SLA Configuration and Management - including alarm filters, reporting rules as well as customer related information.
  • Report Engine - For periodic report generation, the report engine will automatically aggregate measurement data with configurable intervals (hours to months). The report engine is accessed through a user-friendly web-based interface.


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