Quick Facts

Founded: 2004

Headquarters: Montreal, Canada

Global offices: Dublin, Ireland; Stockholm, Sweden, Singapore

Status: Privately held

Market focus: Performance Assurance for mobile backhaul, business services and cloud connectivity

Flagship Products: MetroNID, MetroNODE, V-NID Suite, Vision Suite

Systems shipped: 160,000, and counting

Customers: 350, and counting

Executive Leadership:

Patrick Ostiguy, Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

Claude Robitaille, Chief Technology Officer

Martin Lebeau, Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Phil Griston, Vice President Business Development

Francois Marineau, Vice President Operations

Doug Smidl, Vice President Sales North America

Patrick Dolan, Vice President Sales, EMEA

Key Accedian milestones


About Us

ISO 9001

Accedian Networks Quality Management System is certified ISO 9001.